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Abstract Dimensional Wall Art.

Brooke is renowned for her hand-sculpted resin artwork, which beautifully showcases depth and organic movement. To enhance the visual experience, she artfully mounts her creations on acrylic panels supported by hidden French cleats and braces, cleverly elevating each piece from the wall. This artistic approach introduces an interactive interplay of light and shadow that evolves gracefully with the changing daylight.


Brooke's masterful use of pearlescent pigments and a captivating high-gloss resin flawlessly captures these dynamic elements, forever preserving the enchanting essence of natural fluidity in her work. Discs are a new line to her sculptural resin work.

Commissions welcome.

As with all fine artwork, keep out of direct sunlight.  For interior use only.

Contemporary Sculptural Resin artist Brooke Johnson of ResinFlows. Abstract Resin Artwork

Abstract Modern
Resin Art

by Brooke Johnson

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